“How a Cancer Misdiagnosis Sparked the Largest Malpractice Settlement in Wicomico County History”

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How a Cancer misdiagnosis sparked the largest Malpractice settlement in Wicomico County History

“SALISBURY, MD – When you go to the doctor with an illness there’s an expectation that they know what to look for when diagnosing you or sending you home.

But in what’s now the largest medical malpractice suit in Wicomico County History, a jury found that did not happen when Mary Raver went to Peninsula Imaging with a bump in her face.

In a Civil suit, a jury awarded Mary Raver over 3 million dollars in damages, finding Peninsula Imaging breached the standard of care when they told her a growth in her face, was normal when in fact it was cancerous.

‘She went to have the CT scan done at Peninsula Imaging by Dr. Peter Libby, who unfortunately misinterpreted the CT scan as normal when it was abnormal and she was relieved the treating doctor was relieved and she didn’t get any further treatment,’ said Damien Banks who represented Raver.

In that time the cancer spread across her body, rendering her terminally ill.

Raver is now receiving care that totals over 300,000 dollars a year to cope with that condition, which is expected to stop being effective in the next 18 months.

The Jury found that the correct diagnosis at the initial image screen in 2014, had it been given would more likely than not have saved her life.

‘Right at the area where she was complaining, right where she complained of the mass, you could see an abnormality on the CT scan. I think the jury saw that and made the determination that Dr. Libby was negligent,’ Banks said.

Throughout the case, the jury heard how Dr. Libby was reviewing over 130 patients in one day, and heard from experts on how this ‘should have never been missed.’

‘These patients are sent on a cattle call and the doctors are trying to turn patients as fast as possible. And the time and attention taken to each study isn’t being done. And it wasn’t done for Mary Raver in this case as well,’ Banks said.

47ABC Reached out to Peninsula Imaging for a response to the settlement and did not hear back.

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